Ryan Dunlop Design & Drafting


May 2010


Ryan Dunlop Design & Drafting has been in business for 10 years.  But Ryan knew he needed an on-line site to be able to showcase his work, and provide samples easily to prospective customers.  He came to ClearlyByDesign for help.


We knew Ryan Dunlop Design & Drafting needed something more than a shrink-wrapped solution.  We worked with Ryan to establish his goals and the features he needed, and designed a custom theme that reflected his design sense and capabilities.  We worked with him to find and register his domain name, and got his hosting arranged.


Ryan Dunlop Design & Drafting now has a crisp, clean website detailing the company, services, and showcasing key projects.

  • A dynamic splash screen presents the company logo up-front establishing identity, along with beautiful images of the company's work, with fade effects transitioning between images.  This screen is not flash, but HTML and JavaScript, so it simply works without any browser plug-ins, and without the security and performance issues of more complex options.
  • WYSIWYG content editing within the site by the company's staff means they are in control of their content, and can make changes quickly and easily.
  • The portfolio of projects, including sorting criteria easily managed by staff, project description, and project images showcases the company's work, and allows them to present it in the order they feel is most beneficial.
  • Project images are displayed through a "lightbox", with preview-sized images overlaid on top of the content, and resize controls to let the viewer see the details of a larger original image.
  • Automatic generation of list of projects from the content created means reduced site administration.  When a project is added, it automatically appears on the lists.
  • Site search allows site visitors to quickly and easily find information.



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