January 2011

Challenge was a new venture, pulling together climbers globally to meet and be able to climb.  The owner had a vision of what he wanted the site to be, and how he wanted it to be better than its competition.  After looking at a number of companies with which to partner, he chose ClearlyByDesign to become his climbing partner and get him to the summit!

Solution worked with leaders to determine what features the new site needed, focusing on bringing climbers and outdoor enthusiasts together, locally or across continents.  Detailed analysis and design led to a very detailed member profile, along with the abilities to search those profiles, and facilitate member communications through website private messages.  ClearlyByDesign developed the look and feel for the website based on a standard, open-source theme to help keep design costs down, allowing us to focus on functionality.

Benefits does a lot of work for staff automatically, triggered by simple creation of new content.  Auto-moderation of content means that staff need to only look at open-text fields to ensure appropriateness of content, with all other kinds of content changes automatically approved.  In addition, revisioning and 'diff' capabilities make it easy to see what has changed from one version of a profile to the next.  Specific advantages include:

  • Very detailed user profile along with highly granular search of profiles means members can be as detailed about themselves as they like, and can be specific in searching for exactly the right kind of partner.
  • Automatic eMail notifications to members when a new member joins that climbs at their gym.
  • Private messages within the site allow easy communication between members, and yet maintains privacy.
  • Articles are easily created by company staff and approved 'contributors'.
  • WYSIWYG content editing within the site.
  • Site search indexing automatically.
  • Submission to search engines automatically when new content is added.


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