The Privacy Solution


May 2010


The Privacy Solution has a unique product offering that is critical in today's world of information privacy concerns.  The company had a static HTML website up and running, but knew it needed more to be in-line with the balance of its marketing efforts.  They wanted easy content creation by company staff and expanded capabilities.


ClearlyByDesign took the look-and-feel of the old HTML website and developed a custom theme for The Privacy Solution that matched the old site, as well as improved upon it through proper use of cascading style sheets (CSS) instead of images for spacers and backgrounds.  We developed custom content types and automatic views for news and reference information, and added site search features.  All this was on top of a content-management system, so The Privacy Solution could now control its website.


The Privacy Solution added two articles easily to its new site immediately after launch, and was able to update copy on other pages themselves.  The company now has a corporate website detailing the company, product, and services, and providing resources to their customers, all now managed by the company.

  • WYSIWYG content creation and editing within the site by company staff means no expensive additional tools are needed, and content can be quickly and easily updated when the company need to do so.
  • Dynamic header and other images within the site, some specific to the page being viewed, others random ads to the company's branding.  These images are also content within the site, so can also be managed by company staff.
  • Automatic generation of news summary based on contributed new articles means no extra work for staff.  Once the article is submitted through the site, it will automatically appear on the summaries.
  • Site search provides robust search capabilities to site visitors.
  • Automatic submission to search engines means The Privacy Solution keeps Google, Yahoo! and bing up to date without the intervention of any staff.
  • Meta tags for keywords, description, copyright, and other such tags help improve the site's search-engine friendliness.


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