OutSport Toronto


November 2010


OutSport Toronto came into existence early in 2010 with a mandate to support LGBT sport and recreation clubs and pull them together, facilitating communication and interaction.  It needed to work hard and quickly to establish not only credibility, but to execute on key elements of its mission.  It had a scattered member database, limited ability to communicate to its member organisations, and little visibility.


 ClearlyByDesign.com worked primarily with OutSport Toronto's Director of Marketing and Communications to determine what capabilities were important to the organisation.  We developed a look and feel for the website, incorporating visual and style elements in keeping with the organisation's logo and branding, and ensuring a professional air that would bolster credibility.

The site was up and running within weeks, and fully-featured to let OutSport Toronto's board and volunteers manage the site content.


OutSport Toronto's site does a lot of work for OutSport Toronto automatically, triggered by creation of new content.  OutSport Tronto is in control of its site's content, and both it and member organisations can change it when needed easily.  Specific advantages include:

  • Content creation easily by OutSport Toronto volunteers and authorised member-organisation representatives.
  • Blog contained within the site, with a summary on the home page to ensure currency of the site, boosting search-engine results.
  • Content moderation, with automated notices to moderators when new content is created.
  • Daily and weekly digests of new content to subscribed users.
  • WYSIWYG content editing within the site.
  • Automatic generation of views of various types of content summarising them, such as organisation and event listings, without staff having to create those summary pages.
  • Customised, mass-eMail to all / select users for special announcements.
  • Webform creation for surveys, registrations, and other data gathering.
  • Simple CRM capabilities.
  • Site search indexing automatically.
  • Submission to search engines automatically when new content is added.



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